How does brikseal work? 
Brikseal is made from a multi-layer foil membrane with a heavy duty adhesive backing which waterproofs an air brick for temporary flood defence. 

How to install brikseal  

Brikseal can only be installed over air bricks before the floodwaters rise to a level where any of the seal will be in contact with the water. Brikseal can be applied to a rain-wetted air brick. 

How to remove brikseal 

You must remove Brikseal after the floodwaters have receded to allow air to circulate as normal through the air brick. Brikseal can be removed by peeling it away carefully from one corner. 
Dab the adhesive face of the Brikseal onto any adhesive residue to remove it. 
If any adhesive still remains on the air brick or wall afterwards, it can be removed using a cloth soaked in paintbrush cleaner. 
Please Note: Brikseal is highly adhesive to make it fully waterproof. This may cause paint and loose mortar to come away on removal of the seal. 

The brikseal packs 

One Brikseal is designed to cover a standard air brick measuring 255mm x 115mm. 
Two or more Brikseals can be overlaid to cover larger air bricks. 
Each standard pack contains two individually wrapped Brikseals and has a RRP of £19.99. 
Don’t wait until it is too late.  
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